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How do I report maintenance issues?

Maintenance reporting procedure: All non - urgent maintenance must be reported to our office in writing; email or regular post is acceptable however it this tenants responsibility to ensure that our office receives the correspondence. Urgent maintenance may be reported Via phone but must also be confirmed to our office in writing. All maintenance must be reported within 24 hours of the tenant becoming aware of the issue. Failure to do so may lead to further damage of the property which the tenant will be responsible to pay for.

Unnecessary callout fees by tradespeople : The tenant will be responsible for the cost of tradespeople attending to the property where the tenant has requested a tradesperson, but the item in question is not faulty and is simply being improperly used (including heaters).

Maintenance that is caused by fault of the tenant: The tenant will be responsible to pay all costs associated with repairs at the property that are shown to have been caused by the tenant. ie. Blockages caused by flushing foreign objects down the toilet or items that fall down drains, including but not limited to sanitary items, hair, toys, fat etc.

Maintenance Request Form